Rwanda National Parks

At 26,338 square kilometers (10,169 sq mi), Rwanda is the world’s 149th-largest country and the fourth smallest on the African mainland after Gambia, Swaziland, and Djibouti. It is comparable in size to Burundi, Haiti and Albania. The entire country is at a high altitude: the lowest point is the Rusizi River at 950 metres (3,117 ft) above sea level. Rwanda is located in Central/Eastern Africa, and is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, and Burundi to the south. It lie’s a few degrees south of the equator and is landlocked. The capital, Kigali, is located near the centre of Rwanda.


Many travelers have been coming to Rwanda for years to see the country’s stunning gorillas. While Uganda and Congo also provide gorilla tours, the professionalism and ease of doing so in Rwanda make it the top destination. Unfortunately, too many visitors fly down to Rwanda, to see the gorillas, and then fly out—missing out on the country’s many other treasures.

Part of the detach has to do with the lack of attention Rwanda has received for its extraordinary progress during the past two decades and its efforts to open up new tourism destinations. But don’t let traditional tourism be the only highlight—Rwanda now has a booming and safe capital with treats of its own, along with less conventional opportunities to explore the countryside – “Doing” Rwanda in less than a week will rob you of the chance to see a country on the rise against some of the most beautiful and pristine backdrops on the continent. It may be known for its gorillas, but there are lots of other activities that are still off the beaten path that deserve an exploration!

Rwanda, commonly known as the land of 1000 hills, is in a nutshell, nature’s paradise with a rich cultural heritage. During your trip to Rwanda you must visit the famous primates, including Golden Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Colobus Monkeys, and Baboons to name a few. From the amazing waterfalls of Nyungwe National Park to an adventure in Akagera National Park and the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, this will be a trip you never forget.

Enjoy a full traditional Rwandan experience with dancing, archery, traditional healers, Rwandan cuisine and a taste of Rwanda’s local brew at Iby’ Iwacu Cultural Village in Musanze, Rwanda’s Northern Province.

Tour Kigali on an educational bus tour and learn all there is to know about Rwanda’s capital city including Rwanda’s Genocide Memorial Sites: Kigali Memorial Site; Murambi Memorial Site; Nyanza Kicukiro Memorial Site; and Ntarama Memorial Site. You can also visit Rwanda’s largest lake, Lake Kivu, its numerous islands and beach resort towns Rubavu and Karongi. Go canoeing, kayaking, and wind surfing at the edge of Rwanda’s Western Province.