The trekking permits (more so gorilla) in Uganda is in very high demand (yet a limited number is made available) which makes stating a specific deadline very difficult. Since it’s not possible to tell (accurately) whether the permits available (now) can still be available in the next days, weeks or months, clients are (usually) encouraged to make a down payment (whenever possible) which helps the company to go right away and secure permits plus accommodations.

The walk for gorillas may take between 2-6 hours (before actual encounter) depending largely on the movement of the gorillas. The chance of encounter is 99%. Usually, the trackers go ahead and locate the gorillas then direct the range-guide to lead the trek to the location.
Once with the gorillas, you will be allowed an hour of encounter which is unforgettable.

The walk for gorillas may take between 2-6 hours (before actual encounter) depending largely on the movement of the gorillas. The chance of encounter is 99%. Usually, the trackers go ahead and locate the gorillas then direct the range-guide to lead the trek to the location.
Once with the gorillas, you will be allowed an hour of encounter which is unforgettable.

The answer is always a Yes. Uganda being an Agricultural economy, boasts of multiple options to select from in terms of food while on your trip. Almost everyone can have something to choose from. Be it gluten free diet, Vegetarian, Halal, there will always be an offer to cater for one’s preference. If not on any diet restriction, you are even luckier.

It is always a Yes given the fact that almost all our safari itineraries are costed including fee for all park entries and major activities proposed. Whenever the cost for an activity is not included in the itinerary, then such activity is listed as “Optional”.

[a] We always request our esteem clients to make a down payment of 60% to enable us start preparation for the trip e.g. buying trekking permits, making commitment deposits to the suggested accommodations. [b] The 40% can be paid 2 weeks to the start of the trip to enable us finalize preparations awaiting their arrival.

To proceed, the payment can be made either by bank(wire) transfer or credit card. Normally, our esteem clients communicate the preferred mode and details to proceed are provided.

Yes, ATM cash machines are available outside Entebbe. It is possible to withdraw some money from the ATM at the airport or in major towns along your safari route. If you plan to use an ATM card or credit card, it would be good to notify your Bank that you will be using your Credit Card or Debit Card for cash withdrawals from an ATM in your safari destination i.e. Uganda. In case you wish to have some localocal currency, the assigned tour driver-guide can always lead you to the nearby forex point.

Road transfer is commonly used given the fact that it’s quite cheap. For those who are interested, Air transfer is possible to some selected destinations e.g. Murchison, Bwindi, Kidepo, Kasese, Jinja, Tororo (if seats are still available and one is fine with cost).

[a] We offer private tailored safaris. That means you will be assigned a driver-guide, safari car and you won’t be joined by another of our esteem clients. [b] We do provide either a safari van or safari land-cruiser. Either car is comfortable enough.

It’s a Yes. You can be sure of meeting our driver-guide/representative patiently waiting for you in the arrival section of the Airport. This is what we do from time to time. No need to worry at all.

Please check ( to see if you belong to visa exempt nationalities i.e. nationals of countries that do not pay for Uganda visas.

It is better and recommended that you get it (visa) before arrival. Apply for your visa now online ( Your details shall be verified and you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. The East Africa visa is ideal when visiting Rwanda or Kenya too. If you’re visiting only Uganda, then apply for the Uganda Tourist visa which costs USD 50 (also payable online).

Gorilla trekking has different routes as the gorilla families are in their natural habitat and hence not found in the same locations every day. One can expect an average trekking time of 2-3 hours before reaching the gorilla group, but there are cases whereby a trekking group walks only for 1 hour until they reach the gorilla family while others take 6 hours. An average physically fit person can master any route and length of the trek with ease. Additionally, there are local trekking support staff available who may help in carrying bags and/or giving support in ascending and descending.

[a] Luckily, no traveler has ever missed to see gorillas. The chance of seeing the gorillas in Uganda is at 99%. [b] In the unfortunate even that you fail to see the gorillas, the company does not refund the money for reason that the permit(s) would have already been paid for. The travel company (e.g. Home To Africa) just helps to secure permits on behalf of their esteem clients but have no control over the permits at all. [c] Unless with special permission, permits are only valid for the date it was secured for.

All our esteem clients’ accommodations are always planned and reserved in either en suite cottages (rooms) or safari tents.

Keep it simple, plain and practical for your comfort while on Safari. If you are hiking, gorilla or chimp tracking, pack trekking strong shoes or jungle boots for hiking, long sleeved shirts offer proper protection for you from thorns and insects, long stockings (if putting on shorts), comfortable jeans (pants/trousers). Others may include a hat or cap which comes in handy, Khaki is good for its color and feels good as you wear it, some comfortable shorts, dresses and blouses (female). A rain jacket also comes in quite handy.

The answer is a Yes. In case you’re already staying in the country prior to the safari start date, all we need is the address to your hotel and the assigned driver/guide will pick you right from your hotel to start the trip. Otherwise, we shall be happy to pick you from the airport.

The answer is always a big YES and we (Home To Africa) are always delighted to offer its esteem clients such accommodation at no cost (but excluding meals).

There are quite a number of telecommunication companies in Uganda. However, most commonly used are MTN and Airtel Uganda. You can acquire a SIM card from either.

Contrary to what many think, Uganda is one of the safest tourist destinations in the continent. “In Uganda, we never once had the feeling of being ripped off” said a traveler giving her account of the trip into Uganda.

Drones are only allowed when one is on a filming or commercial photography trip which must be arranged, paid for and park authority alerted in advance. Anyone found using drone with no proper authorization shall be liable to penalty.

The probability of encountering gorillas remains 99% in all the 4 sectors of Bwindi and the nearby Mgahinga Gorilla NP. No need to worry at all.

You will be in a group of at least 8 people

YES, we do offer flying doctors’ service. We also do have a Tour Operator Liability insurance that covers our clients while on the safari. In case of a health emergency, our driver-guide can rush our esteem client(s) to a nearby medical facility. For a very critical emergency, we can seek support from the Authority (Uganda Wildlife Authority) for an airlift (if required) or any other means they can offer.

The months of; December to February and from June to September are considered the best time to visit Uganda, but some intermittent rain is possible due to unpredictable seasonal changes. All the same, one can still visit Uganda even in the months considered “low season” and the encounter, experience is still outstanding. In fact, the “low season” months do have fewer travelers which means the parks are not crowded.