Uganda has an equatorial climate, with daily temperatures varying between 20°c and 27°c and a minimum average temperature of 18°c, though the temperatures can sometimes dip to 12°c. The highest temperatures are usually in the north of the country while the lowest occur on the peaks of Mount Rwenzori.

Most parts of Uganda receive an average annual rainfall of between 1,000mm and 2,000mm, with the North having some areas with the average annual rainfall as low as 100mm.

This table gives you an impression of the kind of weather conditions to expect while on your holiday in Uganda.

Average Daily Maximum Temperatures in ºC272727262625252626262626
Average Daily Minimum Temperatures in ºC171718181817161616171717
Relative Humidity in %787880838382818180797979
Average No. of Rain days per Month781318171078791211
Precipitation in mm798517027827911373847784137115